Sitting for long periods of time at work can be a killer, but are office workers ready to accept technology that gets them out of their chairs?
Christian Bedore, a graduate student in the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing, is testing ergonomically designed desks that allow users to work standing up or sitting down as part of her graduate research project. Bedore, with the help of three other PSU students, installed 16 of the sit-stand desks (SSDs) in offices across campus. After eight weeks, users of the desks will be surveyed to assess the users’ acceptance of the new technology, their perceptions of the desks and how the desks affect their musculoskeletal discomforts.
Cheryl Giefer, a professor in the School of Nursing, is overseeing the students’ research and conducted a smaller pilot study upon which this research is based.