Officials from Pittsburg State and Honeywell signed an agreement this year that paves the way for expanded research opportunities, technology exchange and closer collaboration between the two entities.

“What I’m most excited about is where we are going next,” PSU President Steve Scott said, noting that building partnerships is something PSU has done for a long time. “Time after time we’ve built partnerships that have allowed us to leverage up and do things that are pretty amazing.”

Honeywell Vice President of Engineering Robin Stubenhofer said Honeywell is interested in the work going on at PSU in the field of polymer chemistry. She said Honeywell’s mission in Kansas City is about national defense.

“We have, over the past several years, developed (university) centers of excellence with the intent that we want to move forward where the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration goes with future products,” Stubenhofer said. “We want to make them safer (and) more manufacturable, and do it in a way that really benefits the nation.”

President Steve Scott and Vice President of Engineering Robin Stubenhofer of Honeywell seal a collaboration agreement between the two entities.