All seven of the students that graduated from the polymer chemistry program this spring went off to jobs with major companies or into highly regarded polymer chemistry Ph.D. programs.

“Over the past few years, the Chemistry Department has more than doubled the number of students in its graduate programs in chemistry and polymer chemistry and significantly increased the number of graduates,” according to Petar Dvornic, chair of the Chemistry Department.

Pitt State awarded its first two master’s degrees in polymer chemistry last year. Those two are currently in Ph.D. programs at the University of Texas and Oklahoma State University. In addition, four students earned chemistry degrees last year, but completed extensive work in polymer chemistry. Of those, one is now in a Ph.D. program in Switzerland, another is in a Ph.D. program at Oklahoma State, another is working for a company in Saudi Arabia and the fourth is working for a biochemical company in Kansas City.

“Our graduates are almost instantaneously finding jobs or admission to graduate schools where they can earn terminal degrees,” Dvornic said. “We believe that this is the surest indicator of the quality of our program and the quality of our students who graduate from it.”