To connect with Gorillas in the Four-States region, the Pittsburg State Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations often hosts Gorilla Gatherings throughout the Midwest.

“Our Gorilla Gatherings are a wonderful opportunity to meet and engage with PSU alumni all across our region,” said Jon Bartlow, director of Alumni and Constituent Relations. “It’s always fun to interact with our alumni, hear about their experiences and also share with them a little about what’s happening at their alma mater.

“We wish we could conduct these events all across the country,” Bartlow added.

Well, this spring, they made that wish come true … sort of.

Beginning May 14, the alumni office and Gus set out on the university’s first ever Great Gorilla Tour, a nine-day road trip that included Gorilla Gathering events in eight major cities. The Great Gorilla Tour visited Austin, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta and Nashville.

Bartlow said the idea for the Tour came out of a long-held desire to reach more PSU alumni.

“Pitt State has more than 65,000 alumni across the country and around the world, and of course we wish we could meet with all of them,” he said. “With the Great Gorilla Tour, we were able to visit places beyond our traditional reach. It was an incredible experience that really affirmed just how proud and excited our alumni are to be PSU Gorillas.”

Bartlow said the response from alumni who participated in the events was humbling and fulfilling.

“I think the best part of the Tour experience was seeing how happy our alumni were to be together in their respective cities,” he said. “We could really feel how grateful they were that we visited their cities and helped bring Gorillas together.”

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