Students seeking a degree aren’t the only ones drawn to the College of Technology to learn. Industry professionals from around the world regularly seek out specialized courses there to boost their knowledge using state-of-the-art equipment and processes in hands-on programs that no other university offers.

At Wood Tech Boot Camp, held each January and May, Assistant Professor Charlie Phillips in Technology and Workforce Learning, compresses a semester-long curriculum into one week. Attendees employed in sales and other aspects of wood-related companies learn mill working, finishing, CNC and CAD, and cabinetry skills and techniques to build a project to take home.

Similarly, the Investment Casting Institute’s week-long course, facilitated by University Professor Russ Rosmait in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, draws industry professionals from as far away as Singapore, Ireland, Austria, and Italy, and cities across the U.S.

They come to learn investment casting techniques so that they can return to their companies with a better understanding of the process. Among other things, they have an opportunity to use a $160,000 Smart Systems wax injection system donated by MPI — something no other university has.