Pittsburg State’s Enactus team rode momentum of one of its most ambitious public service projects to an appearance at the Enactus national competition in Kansas City, Missouri.

This year’s team developed partnerships with area schools to provide support for school children, helped the City of Pittsburg open an overnight homeless shelter to protect lives during the harsh winter months, and constructed a unique solution for an orphanage in the Caribbean Commonwealth of Haiti.

“We discovered food scarcity was the biggest issue facing the orphanage,” said Ryan Hendrix, last year’s President of Enactus. “Our team developed a hydroponic system which allowed them to feed the orphans and sell any excess crops at the local market for a profit.”

The Enactus team formally presented their projects to accomplished business leaders during intense competitions this spring. A win at regional competitions in Arkansas earned the team a spot at nationals.

Although this year’s team didn’t advance past the first round, the experience is one Hendrix won’t soon forget.

“They talk about the ‘Enactus Advantage’ at competitions and it’s definitely real,” said Hendrix. “I’m meeting with Fortune 500 companies. I’m getting real business experience versus just learning about it in a textbook. More than that, I’m making the world a better place because of Enactus.”

Hendrix’ experience at Pittsburg State is paying off in terms of a professional career. Upon her May graduation, she began a position as a sales associate with Con-Agra in Chicago.