New teachers have few resources and survival strategies. This is especially true in Career and Technical Education, where high turnover rates are experienced. These teachers are often the lone teacher of their discipline in their district.

A nearly $900,000 grant awarded to Greenbush – The Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, aims to assist these CTE teachers in Kansas by partnering with the Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education (KCCTE) at PSU.

This enhanced mentoring program is specifically designed for first- and second-year CTE teachers.

“It [the CTE Mentoring Program] matches experienced teachers with new teachers, and provides downloadable curriculum and workshops to help them stay current in industry skills,” said Director Greg Belcher. Coursework can be completed at three locations – Salina, Kansas City, and Pittsburg – as well as online. In many instances, this coursework helps teachers move up on the pay scale.