Pittsburg State’s newest athletic fundraising initiative, the Silverback Fund, is finding an audience with Gorilla fans and alumni. The Silverback Fund offers Gorilla supporters an avenue to easily contribute a one-time, monthly or annual donation to help fund scholarships for student-athletes.

“Most people are surprised when I tell them that there isn’t a student-athlete at Pitt State that receives a full-ride athletic scholarship,” said Jim Johnson, director of Intercollegiate Athletics. “The Silverback Fund is the easiest and most effective way to ensure our student-athletes get the support they need to succeed in the classroom and on the playing field.”

One of the most popular options is a three-year pledge to the Silverback Troop. Contribution levels vary, but those who choose the $616/month level will fully cover the equivalent cost of a student’s tuition for one academic year.

“In the wild, gorillas travel in troops,” said Kendall Gammon, special assistant to the President. “They’re led by a single silverback who carries the sole responsibility of ensuring the troop’s well-being. It’s much the same for our student-athletes. They depend upon our donors to ensure their success. The Silverback Troop resonates with our donors because they understand our Gorillas need their leadership and support.”

Those who wish to contribute at a higher level can do so by participating in the Silverback Leader category.

To learn more about the Silverback Fund visit pittstateathleticfund.com.