Three seniors in Interior Design class will have an impressive portfolio when they graduate: they crafted plans for a real-world customer — a business in downtown Pittsburg that intends to use those plans to expand.

Signet Coffee Roasters plans to add an Airbnb above their newly-opened and completely renovated historic shop, but needed an interior design.

A customer, ID professor Denise Bertoncino, suggested her students come up with plans for fixtures, furnishings, a layout for the space, and a color scheme.

Owners Leah and Dennis Posterick thought it was a great idea.

The three students, Madison Vincent, of Springfield, Missouri; Lindsey Kearney, of Atchison, Kansas; and Chelsea Oliphant, of Erie, Kansas, met with them to tour the space, take measurements, and get a feel for their tastes, then returned to pitch their presentation.

The Postericks were impressed and plan to use many elements from the interior design and perhaps the logo. They have a tentative open date of Summer 2018.

All three students said they loved the project because it gave them the first chance to interact with a real customer and see in person the space they’re designing.

“And having this involvement gave us pride, to be able to impact the community in this kind of way,” Kearney said. “When we come back some day, we can say ‘We designed that’.”

Vincent said she “definitely plans” to bring her family one day to stay in the Airbnb.

“It’s great to be able to help grow Pittsburg,” she said. “I feel like this is going to be a really great addition to the community, and to be able to say we’re sort of leaving our mark here by being part of it is really special.”