Biology major Zach Denton, inspired by sports injuries during high school to become an orthopedic surgeon, had no trouble getting accepted by University of Kansas Medical School. Fellow biology major Sierra Schupbach, who wants to become a primary care physician, had no trouble getting an offer from Oklahoma State University. And their classmates boasted a high acceptance rate, as well. That’s not uncommon for the PSU Pre-Med program.

“It’s an outstanding program for many reasons,” Denton said. “A friend of mine went to another university, and in his biology classes, there were 500 students.

In chemistry, 600. I didn’t think I could learn in that kind of environment.”

At Pittsburg State, Denton found the student-faculty ratio to be 18:1.

“Faculty also plays a huge role in our success,” Schupbach said. “They prepare us well. They’re experts in their fields. And they actually know who we are. They want to help you. They want to see you succeed. We have them all on speed dial.”

Gage Davies, who was accepted by KU Med School, said he found unparalleled research opportunities at Pittsburg State.

“I’m working with Dr. Daniel Zurek on a potential antibiotic, testing the effectiveness both in a medical setting and in agricultural crops,” Davies said.

“I can text him, call him. He’s accessible. I just don’t feel like that happens everywhere. Here you’re getting real value. You’re not just getting classes. You’re getting experience and you’re getting mentors who care.”