Keri Hanson

Kerri Hanson

Kerri Hanson has been named the new Coordinator of the Center for Student Accommodations, which provides support services to students with diagnosed learning disabilities, physical, or mental illnesses that substantially impair one or more major life activities.

Hanson’s experience in such work is both academic and practical in nature. She graduated from PSU in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in developmental disabilities. In May, she earned her master’s degree in school counseling. For 13 years, she worked for the Early Head Start program as a family educator.

“I love being on this campus. I have a different admiration for it now as compared to as a student,” she said. “I am excited about this position because I know each day will be new, different from the last, and it will keep me on my toes, so I have to be ready for anything!”