Kelce College of Business faculty, staff, and students are celebrating their recent accreditation by the AACSB — the premier accreditation source by businesses and employers.

This marks the 20th anniversary of the KCOB earning its first accreditation — a milestone that is unique to other institutions in the region.

“This is verification that we have been a solid, strong business school for a generation,” said Dean Paul Grimes. “It’s a quality check that assures students, employers, and families that the education that we deliver is of the highest quality.”

Noteworthy in the process was a brand-new online MBA — a program aimed at mid-career professionals living off campus who are place-bound and who don’t have an opportunity to attend school in Pittsburg.

Also noteworthy was the new Business & Economic Research Center that creates a quarterly economic report valuable to city and business leaders.

Associate Professor Sang-Heui Lee spent a semester sabbatical teaching classes at Africa University in Zimbabwe, where students represent 28 different countries. He also gave presentations to business leaders who sought him out for advice. Lee helped foster a relationship between AU and PSU and is working toward a 2+2 articulation agreement. Several AU students are planning to come to PSU this year. “It was a life-changing experience for me,” Lee said.