Kelce College of Business hosted a unique workshop last semester to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. It inspired plans to continue fostering entrepreneurship education through KCOB in May. 

Called 3 Day Startup, it provided an extreme hands-on environment. Day 1 focused on brainstorming, preliminary pitches/feedback, and team selection modules. Day 2 emphasized business model generation; teams focused on customer discovery, structured mentorship, intermediate pitches, and feedback sessions. Day 3 consisted of execution (including pitch workshops) leading into final pitches/demos for a panel of mentors and investors. 

“The skills they picked up will be applicable whether they choose to open their own business or to use their skills helping a non-profit, serving in a governmental role, or working with an existing firm — now, or 10 years from now,” said Lynn Murray, director of outreach and marketing and an associate professor of marketing in KCOB, who coordinated the event. 

Guilherme Hansen, who earned a bachelor’s in Communication last fall and immediately began his MBA, said the program helped him move a rough concept — a platform aimed at students and scholarship donors that facilitates the application process — closer to reality. 

“We experienced the struggles of consumer research, prototyping, and even pitching our ideas to judges, and learned how to overcome these challenges,” he said.  

Next up: an intense, week-long course in June, tentatively titled Entrepreneurship and Small Business Start-up, offered to both undergraduate and graduate students through KCOB.