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Research at Pittsburg State University

Students and faculty continue their tradition of working side by side on research at PSU that contributes to the greater good. A sampling: Biology Anuradha Ghosh, assistant professor of Biology, has been conducting a surveillance study for three years that investigates the distribution of three dominant tick species in Southeast Kansas, particularly the non-native Ixodes...

PSU Offers Passport Help

Travelers now can receive assistance with passport applications and have their passport photos taken at the post office branch at Pittsburg State. Post Office Administrator Kevin Elrod asks that appointments be made at 620-235-4772. Elrod advised travelers applying for passports to allow four to six weeks for routine processing.

A look around campus


PSU Authors Honored

Thirty-five years ago, Axe Library held the first reception to publicly recognize PSU employees who have been published or who have developed creative works during the previous year, with authors, editors, composers, and artists among the honorees. It’s a tradition that has endured. In November, the 35th Annual University Authors Reception was held to celebrate...
Longtime university leader to retire

Longtime university leader to retire

Provost Lynette Olson, who also serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs, will retire in June 2019. She has served in that capacity since March 2010, after serving as Interim Provost for a year when former Academic Affairs Vice President Steve Scott was named the ninth president. “It represents a significant milestone for PSU and...

Westar Foundation contributes to Nature Reach

Nature Reach, based in the PSU Biology Department since 1985, got a recent boost with a grant award of $10,000 from Westar Energy Foundation. Nature Reach, the focus of which is a live animal collection, is committed to providing natural history and environmental education outreach programming to school and community groups. The annual budget for...

Reorg emphasizes collaborative business education enviornment

The administrative structure of the Kelce College of Business has been reorganized to do away with the traditional departmentalized concept. Plans for the new building incorporate architectural design elements that go hand in hand with the new organizational structure. Previously, faculty were divided into three departments responsible for more than one BBA major: accounting and...
Conservation expert volunteers  for new position

Conservation expert volunteers for new position

Jim Triplett dedicated 30+ years to every conservation-related activity he could find before retiring from the Biology Department in 2014. But he’s not done: he’s now serving as the university’s first Special Assistant to the President for Sustainability. And he’s doing it as a volunteer. Triplett, an avid outdoorsman, came to PSU on a football...
PSU Black Student Association reaches out

PSU Black Student Association reaches out

Omar Brantley, a member of the PSU Black Student Association and a sophomore from Bonner Springs, Kan., reads a book about diversity to third graders at George Nettels Elementary in Pittsburg. Brantley, along with other BSA members and PSU Hispanics of Today also led the students in hands-on activities to foster diversity awareness in recognition of...

Happy 60th

Faculty, staff, students, and administrators gathered last fall to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Midwest Quarterly, which pays tribute to its first Editor-in-Chief, the late longtime professor and noted author Dudley Cornish. The journal, which has a global circulation, is now edited by Casie Hermansson, who noted that The Midwest Quarterly remains something of...
New University Professors

New University Professors

Five veteran faculty members have achieved the rank of University Professor: Tim Bailey and Don Viney, both in History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences; Cheryl Giefer, Nursing; Casie Hermansson, English and Modern Languages; and Ananda Jayawardhana, Math. The rank, good for seven years, indicates they are outstanding contributors in their field of specialization.
Biology students gain field experience trapping bats

Biology students gain field experience trapping bats

It has all the makings of a would-be Halloween movie: bats fly out of storm tunnels starting at sundown. Clouds move in front of the moon. The bats flutter this way and that, their numbers increasing as the hour grows late. But for students in Andrew George’s biology classes, the scene has all the makings of...